What is a Purpose Guide?

Finding Purpose and purposeful employment is no small feat. Each unique individual has a unique definition of their Purpose. Our Purpose Guides customize your Path to Purpose so that you can have the clarity to find purposeful employment.

You will not be alone on your Path to Purpose! Our certified Purpose Guides have completed extensive training, and they are ready to support you on your Path to Purpose.

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Purpose Guidance

Purpose Guidance includes four separate meetings with your Purpose Guide throughout your journey to ensure you clearly define your Purpose and have the right strategy to find purposeful employment.

Price: $399.95

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Want to change the world by helping others discover purpose?

Are you excited to gain the tools necessary to walk someone towards their unique purpose and purposeful employment? If so, please consider applying for our next Purpose Guide training.

Becoming a certified Purpose Guide is the first step in developing a sustainable coaching business and maximizing life change for those you guide.

The coaching industry is booming, but most coaches have a hard time finding clients to coach. By becoming a certified Purpose Guide, you gain access to those that need to be guided through our marketing engine so you can focus on what you do best: Guiding others to find their purpose and purposeful employment.

We are currently accepting applications to join our next Purpose Guide certification class.